Stories by David Ramel

Can your online past come back to haunt you?

When it comes to some aspects of finding a job by social networking, such as online reputation management, Sean Ryan, senior vice president of engineering and a hiring manager at online measurement tools vendor Lyris, has a completely opposite view than most. The vast majority of recruiting professionals say it's important to make sure there's nothing online that could be too personal or embarrassing or that might turn off potential employers doing a background check.

Comcast vs. BitTorrent

US cable TV giant and Internet service provider Comcast has been accused of blocking -- or at least throttling -- traffic from subscribers trying to share files through the popular BitTorrent peer-to-peer network.

Get on YouTube, for business or pleasure

You know all about YouTube: More than 100 million videos viewed each day, tens of millions of unique visitors, one of the top sites on the Internet and so on.

Here's how to build your own Yahoo Pipe

Want an easy way to find an apartment near a specific location, or track items on eBay in a certain price range, or see all the news that interests you in one place?

How to pimp your ride, Computerworld style

There has been a lot of hype lately about Internet in the car, but do-it-yourself pioneers like Bill Rigby have been enjoying on-the-go browsing for years. So far, no one has been hurt.

Wireless apps pay off in unexpected ways

Attendees at Computerworld's Mobile & Wireless World conference in Orlando last week heard some tales of unexpected benefits that don't show up on corporate balance sheets -- such as catching crooks and saving the lives of workers.

Mobile & Wireless World attendees seek power boost

It wasn't cutting-edge 64-bit technology or the latest gadgets that mostly concerned audience members during hardware-oriented presentations Monday that kicked off Computerworld's Mobile & Wireless World conference. It was batteries.