Stories by Stefan Dubowski

Microsoft's SQL enterprise play faces challenges

Microsoft says the next release of its database software SQL Server 2005 puts to rest the notion that the product isn't meant for enterprise-sized businesses, but one industry observer says the program provider might have some trouble convincing large companies of that.

Telcos should be wary of Microsoft's moves

Microsoft's relentless march into the communication technology arena could spell changes for telcos and businesses seeking connective services, according to one IT industry analyst.

Microsoft sees smoother 64-bit switch

It should be easier for the IT industry to transition from 32-bit to 64-bit processing than it was to switch from 16-bit to 32-bit -- a "messy" time in the computer sector's history, according to Bill Gates.

Sun CEO takes a swing at, well, everything

Sun Microsystems chairman and CEO Scott McNealy defended his company's open source track record in an occasionally raucous meeting with members of the Canadian press recently.

Citrix 'access' mantra takes over at iForum

You'd think a bank would spend most of its time trying to make its business metrics increase, but lately Germany-based Deutsche Bank is preoccupied with a particular decrease, namely reducing the number of PCs it owns.

SAS unveils new marketing automation program

SAS Institute may well have designed a useful new iteration of its customer intelligence software, but only time will tell if it's as much of a pain for IT managers as it is a boon for the enterprise, according to one industry observer.

IP: Are you ready for the second-generation

Network equipment vendors say the enterprise should start thinking of IP (Internet Protocol) telephony as a method of gaining competitive advantages, rather than a cost-saving technology. But that message seems to be garnering mixed reviews from industry observers.

VeriSign shuts down Site Finder

VeriSign said last Friday it will suspend its controversial Site Finder service after the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) threatened legal action.

Nortel cranks up Succession line

Nortel Networks is beefing up its Succession line with products that the vendor says will help telcos improve their revenues.

Nortel opts out of optical, plans to purge payroll

In its attempt to streamline for profitability, Nortel Networks Corp. has sold parts of its optical components business to a British firm for US$108 million. While the move could see some Canadian employees lose their jobs, it also might help the firm stay focused on its core competencies, according to one industry analyst.

Sun unveils Mad Hatter

In an attempt to return to its "disruptive" roots, Sun Microsystems Inc. says it will build a new Linux desktop computer that promises serious cost savings compared to traditional PCs.