Stories by Joel Shore

On the leading edge of RFID

The worldwide leader in razor blades says radio frequency identification will keep it a cut above the competition.

A leadership look at IT security's role

A breach in IT security is a common fear across companies and more so for the executives directly concerned with safeguarding data assets. Joel Shore reports.

The 3Com saga

3Com turns 25 this June, but the Ethernet pioneer probably won't spend much time celebrating -- it's too busy fighting to stay relevant. The last several years have been difficult for the longtime industry mainstay; it's been a dizzying, roller-coaster ride of spin-offs, write-offs, layoffs and strategic about-faces.

Tips on Eradicating the Love Bug

Passing unnoticed through corporate firewalls as an e-mail attachment, the so-called "I Love You" virus has deleted critical systems files and infected others around the globe.