Stories by Colin Neagle

HP takes giant first step into OpenFlow

HP this week said it is taking its first leap into OpenFlow-enabled network equipment, supporting the standard on 16 of its Ethernet switch products as it attempts to gain a foothold in a market likely to receive significant attention from competitors.

Riverbed upgrades 'edge virtual server infrastructure'

Riverbed today announced the release of updates to its Steelhead network performance products as well as its Granite product line, which is based on the edge virtual server infrastructure approach that Riverbed is pushing. Whereas the former aims to boost network performance for the customers that are concerned about application delivery, the latter may attract more attention from the infrastructure management industry.

New leaders emerging in WAN optimization market

In yet another sign that growing revenues are reshaping the vendor outlook in the <a href="">network management</a> sector, Gartner recently named vendor Silver Peak one of the leaders in its <a href="">magic quadrant</a> for the WAN optimization market.

Startup Piston 'ready for fight' with VMware

Having just released its new cloud operating system, <a href="">Piston Cloud Computing</a> finds itself in a contentious position -- and company co-founder Josh McKenty says that is exactly where the company wants to be.

WAN optimization market shakeup predicted

WAN optimization is shaping up to be one of the hottest areas of the network equipment market, prompting industry experts to predict high-profile acquisitions and vendor shakeups in the near future.

IBM Connect, Lotusphere conferences 'packed and buzzing': analyst

Leading into this year's <a href="">Lotusphere conference</a>, Constellation Research Group principal analyst and former IBM employee Alan Lepofsky said IBM will have to approach its new venture in social business by emphasizing the most important factor -- the benefits.

Microsoft to launch real-time threat intelligence feed

<a href="">Microsoft</a> is looking to share its wealth of security information with the world through a new real-time threat intelligence feed, the company recently announced at the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York.

IBM launches Connect conference to drive 'social business'

These days, IBM's collaboration software Lotus Notes has become a shadow of its former self, and the Lotusphere conference doesn't have the same pull it once did - so this year, Lotusphere will have to share the spotlight with a brand-new conference called IBM Connect.

Can IBM's social approach at Lotusphere jumpstart a Lotus Notes comeback?

Now in its 19th year, Lotusphere will once again attempt to make up the ground Lotus Notes lost as a result of shifts in strategy at IBM and changes in the market in the past few years. But with Lotus Notes facing an uphill battle, five days at "the happiest place on Earth" will have to go a long way.