Stories by Matt Berger

Apple opens code for OS, Rendezvous

Apple Computer Wednesday released the code for its networking protocol, Rendezvous, which enables computers to recognize such things as printers and consumer electronics devices over wireless networks without the need for any configuration by end users.

Handspring lops off 20 percent from workforce

In a cost-cutting move, Handheld maker Handspring has trimmed its global workforce by 20 percent, as the company shifts some of its marketing and product development work to the wireless carriers it partners with, company spokesman Allen Bush confirmed Wednesday.

Microsoft eases Lotus to Exchange migration

Microsoft released a set of tools Monday that allow Lotus Notes users to assess what applications they have running on their servers, a key step in helping them migrate to competing products from Microsoft.

Group says Microsoft violating antitrust settlement

An industry group backed by some of Microsoft Corp.'s top competitors has sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) claiming that the software maker has already violated terms of a proposed antitrust settlement deal that it reached with the federal government.

Microsoft server software uses location

Microsoft Corp. says it may have come up with a "killer application" for devices that run its Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system software, and on Wednesday announced a new server product that could allow developers to prove that right.

Ex-Microsoft engineer launches tool company

Renowned Microsoft Corp. engineer Charles Simonyi, who was behind the early development of Microsoft Word and other key applications, has left the company in order to start his own.

Sun to shed light on desktop Linux plans

Sun Microsystems is expected to unveil a Frankenstein-like desktop Linux strategy this week, combining various software elements developed in-house or by open-source community projects and third-party vendors.

Microsoft revs up mobile .Net

Microsoft Corp. on Monday filled more of the gaps in its portfolio of software and tools for building Web-based applications that run on handheld computers, cell phones and other mobile devices.

Microsoft says Win 2000 hacking outbreak subsides

Microsoft Corp. has apparently gotten to the bottom of a rash of hacking attacks against computer systems running its Windows 2000 operating system, according to a security advisory posted late Friday on its Web site.

Worldcom to reshuffle its deck

Bankrupt telecommunications service provider WorldCom Inc. is in the market for a new chief executive officer, the company disclosed Tuesday.

Microsoft puts spotlight on 64-bit Windows

Microsoft is clearing the fog around its move into 64-bit computing. At the Windows .Net Server DevCon conference here this week, Microsoft devoted much of its time to a new 64-bit Windows release and accompanying applications, which are due to reach customers early next year.

Microsoft dangles .Net Server in front of customers

Microsoft called on some of its top software executives Wednesday at a developer gathering here as it prepares to release the next version of its server operating system, which is expected to ease some server management and security headaches for customers.

Lead Windows developer bugged by security

Brian Valentine says he's not proud. The senior vice president in charge of Microsoft's Windows development team has reason not to be. One of his most notable works, the Windows 2000 operating system, has a security record that is nothing to boast about. In fact, it's downright dismal, many experts say.