Stories by Matt Berger

Lucent ships management software for Solaris

Lucent Technologies Inc. has ported its network performance management software to Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Solaris operating system and will release a new version in addition to existing software for Windows, the company said this week.

Office 11 tests focus on Window XP, 2000

Microsoft Corp. is limiting testing of the next release of its Office productivity software to versions of the Windows operating system dating back only to Windows 2000, which could mean the final version of the software won't support older systems.

'Wire-free' electricity juices mobile devices

A company that claims to have solved the "last wire" dilemma announced Monday that it is working with Acer Inc. and other manufacturing partners to deliver early next year a pad with a conductive surface that can power computing devices resting on top of it as if they were plugged into an electrical outlet.

Microsoft foes say it violates settlement terms

A trade group made up of Microsoft Corp. competitors has again sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) claiming that the software maker is not living up to its end of a proposed settlement deal in its long-running antitrust bout.

ISO close to approving C#, CLI as standards

Two critical programming technologies developed by Microsoft for its broad .Net initiative are nearing approval by a leading international standards body, the software maker confirmed last Friday.

Compuware tool monitors IM traffic

Compuware is set for an official release Monday of the next version of its NetworkVantage management software, which can be used to monitor traffic that flows through an organization's wide area network (WAN).

Microsoft pitches Passport code to developers

Microsoft Corp. will share a portion of the source code for its Passport authentication technology, hoping to spur adoption of its single sign-on software among corporate developers, the company said Thursday.

Microsoft draws new e-business road map

Microsoft Corp. detailed plans Tuesday to remodel its spectrum of software that enterprise customers can use to run standard business processes, such as collaboration, communications and emerging Web services. At the Microsoft Exchange Conference, in Anaheim, California, the company unveiled a new road map for its e-business software products that it refers to internally as "Jupiter."

Microsoft readies Content Management Server 2002

Microsoft Corp. will ship Content Management Server 2002 by year's end, adding new support for XML (Extensible Markup Language) content management and Web services, company executives will announce Tuesday at the start of the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC).

Ximian takes Linux management behind firewall

Linux software maker Ximian Inc. on Monday will release a new version of its Red Carpet software management tool, which enterprise customers can use to automatically deploy updates and security patches for Linux desktop and server software.

DVD copying software sparks new legal battle

321 Studios LLC is set to release a product that it claims will allow consumers to make perfect copies of their DVDs, but before the product hits the market, the startup must first weather a legal storm brewing in its path.

Customers could spur interim Windows XP version

Microsoft Corp. will slip out an interim desktop version of its Windows operating system before 2004 under pressure from some customers who signed up for its new enterprise licensing plan, several analysts predict.