Stories by Matt Berger

Hotmail's new look a no show

An upgrade meant to be a surprise to users of Microsoft Corp.'s free e-mail service Hotmail surprisingly didn't happen Wednesday. A company spokesman looking into the botched launch said the company had not yet identified a reason for the delay.

Samsung, AOL to build new set-top boxes

AOL Time Warner and electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics agreed Tuesday to jointly develop and market the media company's next-generation set-top box and other consumer electronic products.

New Mexico settles with Microsoft

New Mexico said Thursday it has settled its antitrust claims against Microsoft, the first of 19 state attorneys general to bow out of the legal battle since Microsoft was deemed last year to be a predatory monopolist by a U.S. District Court.

Microsoft presses play on digital music deal

Microsoft said Thursday it will pair with two major record labels in a digital music subscription service that will make use of the software maker's digital media technology and its MSN Internet service.

Microsoft ships Word + Entourage 2001 for Macs

Microsoft on Thursday began shipping a promotional software package for Apple's latest operating system that includes fewer and simpler versions of the programs included in its popular office productivity suite, Office 2001 for Mac.

IT managers under pressure to audit software

Adding to the oft-referenced list of things IT managers cannot avoid, including death, taxes and system crashes, software makers and industry watchdogs have identified yet another duty not to be overlooked -- software audits.

MS/DOJ - Private antirust suits could cost MS billions

An appeals court ruling to uphold a lower court decision that Microsoft illegally used its desktop operating system monopoly puts the software maker in danger of facing billions of dollars in damages from private antitrust lawsuits, analysts and legal experts said Friday.

MS/DOJ - Appeals court rejects Microsoft breakup

A federal appeals court delivered a ruling Thursday in the landmark antitrust case between Microsoft Corp. and the U.S. government, sending the case back to a lower court to be reviewed by a new judge, while upholding a lower court verdict that Microsoft acted illegally to maintain its monopoly in the market for desktop operating systems.

VA Linux exits hardware business, cuts staff

Linux server maker VA Linux Systems Inc. said Wednesday it will stop selling hardware and focus on its applications and online businesses, a move that will significantly cut into the company's short-term revenue but is expected to reduce costs in the longer term.

Microsoft shares code for .Net tools

Microsoft said on Wednesday it will release the source code for its set of tools that will allow customers to build Web services and other applications based on its .Net initiative as part of its recently announced shared source program.

Oracle pins future success on Web services model

Oracle on Tuesday laid more groundwork for its shift to becoming an Internet services company that offers software and applications over the Web rather than a software company that relies on selling packaged products.

Microsoft may partner for security with Hailstorm

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said Thursday that Microsoft will rely on third-party security companies to build and support features in Hailstorm, the company's set of services that will be included in Windows XP and become the key building blocks for its .Net initiative.

Microsoft lets developers swap code

Taking a page from the habits of the underground developer communities, Microsoft Corp. Tuesday announced that it has set up a Web site to swap snippets of code for building Web services based on its .Net initiative.