Stories by Peggy Watt

Google's Schmidt Talks Politics

The Internet -- and, not incidentally, Google -- is a friend to democracy, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told the keynote gathering of the Personal Democracy Forum here in New York on Friday morning.

FileMaker updated to version 7

FileMaker is releasing a revamped version of its database software this week, adding full relational capabilities, more security functions, and tools to make it easier to put a Web interface on a database so it is accessible by a browser.

Microsoft Previews FrontPage 2003

Microsoft Corp. is enhancing the XML capabilities of its FrontPage Web design program with true WYSIWYG editing and easier interaction with other applications in the Office 2003 family.

Microsoft updates accounting suite

Microsoft has released an update to its Small Business Manager, an integrated collection of accounting modules that interoperates with Microsoft Office applications as well as some Microsoft Web services for small businesses.

Interview: Three minutes with Mark Eppley

The "m-life" of a mobile, 21st-century, tech-savvy person may be a new buzzphrase, but Mark Eppley has been living mobile for years. Founder and chief executive of what was initially Traveling Software, he renamed the company LapLink Inc. after its leading product, a remote-control-and-access utility. Newer is PCsync, strictly a file transfer program, also available in a version for PDAs. caught Eppley on the road and online for a conversation about how he has seen portable computing change, and what he expects next.

HP/COMPAQ: Shareholders grill Fiorina

Hewlett-Packard's annual shareholder meeting Friday drew about one-tenth of the attendance but only slightly less rancor than the special meeting called in March to consider HP's still-pending acquisition of Compaq Computer.

HP/COMPAQ: All over but the counting

The proposed US$20 billion merger of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer appears to be in the same legal limbo that the Bush-Gore election experienced in November 2000.

LapLink Syncs the Web Inc. is putting its file transfer and synchronization expertise to new use, teaming with Web sites that want to offer speedier and more flexible file access and management.

Zip Drives Target Multimedia

Iomega Corp.'s Clik portable storage unit is playing a new tune--literally--by moving into MP3 players from Iomega and at least eight partners.