Stories by Deni Connor

IBM to offer caching system

Novell has announced that IBM will be the third company to market its Novell Internet Caching System (ICS), which is software designed to speed access to frequently requested Web pages.

Novell to Overhaul FTP Server

Novell Inc. will be updating what even the company concedes is a clumsy and difficult-to-configure FTP server in the next version of NetWare.

Novell launches GroupWise open beta

Novell this week has begun offering companies a chance to preview the latest enhancements to its GroupWise e-mail and collaboration software.

EMC/DG Merger:The perfect match?

EMC swallowed an ailing Data General this week in a move that many analysts say will net the high-end network storage vendor a strong entry into the midrange storage market.

HP Lets Gigabit Ethernet Run on Old Cable

Hewlett-Packard Co. this week unveiled one of the first 1000Base-T Ethernet switch modules that supports Category 5 twisted-pair copper cable.
The ProCurve 1000Base-T switch module lets the network manager use the horizontal Category 5 cable already installed between walls, in the ceiling or between wiring centers - all are places where new cable is difficult to install. The module can also let customers avoid new installations of fiber-optic cable, which HP says cost roughly three times as much.

Compaq Catches Crooks

Compaq Computer Corp. rolled out software that can be used to detect fraud on fixed and wireless networks.

Fibre channel interoperability forum debuts

The industry's leading Fibre Channel switch vendors on Monday announced an initiative that will assure interoperability between switches in storage area networks (SANs).

Computer Associates rolls out SAN plan

A late entrant in the storage-area network (SAN) game, Computer Associates is beginning a phased rollout of product improvements aimed at helping organisations manage and monitor their SANs.

StorageTek trumpets storage outsourcing plan

Companies will save money by renting storage capacity rather than buying it, StorageTek officials said last week while announcing one of the first storage outsourcing programs of its kind.

Intel rolls out new stackable hub

Intel fleshed out its hub and switch products for the small and mid-size market last week with the introduction of the Intel Express Stackable Hub and Standalone Switch.

Unisys, NCR Intro Mainframe-Class Servers

New high-end servers arrived last week from Unisys Corp. and NCR Corp. These new servers are aimed at mainframe-class data centers, decision support and data warehouse operations.