Stories by Deni Connor

Crossroads Exec Talks Up SAN Futures

At the conclusion of Network World's Storage Networking town meetings, attendees can ask any questions they have. Network World Senior Editor Deni Connor has gathered some of those questions and put them to Brian Smith, CEO of Fibre Channel storage router manufacturer Crossroads Systems. The next storage networking town meetings start June 14 in eight U.S. cities. For more information visit townmeeting.

HP Expands SAN Storage

Hewlett-Packard last week introduced storage devices for midsize to large heterogeneous enterprises, unveiling a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance and a Fibre Channel switch.

Novell Partners Beef Up Mgmt. Software

Novell Inc. NetWare customers will soon be able to automatically distribute files from server to server and more easily monitor and troubleshoot their Novell Directory Services (NDS) with new software from NetPro Computing Inc. and Corp.

Vixel Unveils SAN Management Tool

Fibre Channel vendor Vixel Corp. next week will unveil software the company claims will make it easier for administrators to manage heterogeneous storage-area networks (SAN) from a single console.

Novell Eases Client Installation, Access

Novell Inc. will show off two new products later this month that will make it less time-consuming for network managers to install NetWare clients on user workstations and easier for users to log on to the network, applications and Web sites.

Startup Eases Database Woes

The founders of load-balancing startup Viathan would certainly agree that experience is the best teacher. In their case, it was the experience of struggling to keep databases up and running at Microsoft Network that convinced the two to launch their own company.

The Service-Pack Shuffle Ruffles a Lot of Feathers

Applying service packs regularly is a pain. And when they fail to fix the bugs they're supposed to fix - or worse, cause new problems - network managers begin to wonder if what they're really doing is substituting their hard work for vendor quality-assurance programs.

Novell Unveils GroupWise Upgrade

Additional platform flexibility, security and management features will highlight the next release of Novell Inc.'s GroupWise messaging/collaboration software, the company announced this week.

QuikOrder Brings Domino's Pizza to You in 30 Mins

You know you get cranky when your pizza isn't delivered on time - Domino's does too. That's why when the company decided to take pizza orders online, it brought in a fault-tolerant ordering system that keeps servers up and pizza orders flowing.

HP Builds Storage Options

Storage administrators for large corporate networks will be able to more easily and safely manage stored data with software Hewlett-Packard Co. announced Tuesday. The company also expanded its program that lets quickly growing companies lease processing power and storage capacity on an as-needed basis.