Stories by Deni Connor

Storage Hub on Tap from SAN Valley

The already crowded storage market got another player this week with SAN Valley Systems Inc.'s introduction of a compact, low-cost managed hub that promises high availability.

Startup Puts an Edge On Caching

The Internet is the slowest link when it comes to caching content for large corporate networks and ISPs - at least that's what the founders of startup service provider Edgix Corp. are counting on.

Novell Touts Online Server fix

Managers of NetWare networks can now find out why their servers fail and bring them back online faster with software Novell Inc. is testing on the company's Web site.

Edgix's Drew Major Speaks

Network World recently had a chance to talk with Drew Major, Novell's chief scientist and a co-founder of Edgix Corp., about Edgix's edgeMedia.

ADIC Launches Storage Appliances

ADIC this week rolled out a family of network-attached storage (NAS) appliances for enterprise departments, workgroups and data centers.

LAND-5 Plunges Into Enterprise Storage

Network storage vendor LAND-5 introduced two network-attached storage appliances last week for midsize to large workgroups in large corporate networks.

Rackspace Offers Customized Web Servers

Don't pack it or stack it. Rack it. Internet server outsourcing company creates and leases customized Web servers for customers who don't want to do it themselves.

How to Take Data Storage Traffic Off the Network

Eager to relieve traffic from the network and server, network professionals are looking to serverless and LAN-free backup, two emerging technologies made possible by storage-area networks (SAN) and network-attached storage. As the amount of data storage grows, the time it takes to back it up increases and the amount of traffic it produces can slow down the network. Add to that the tedious nature of network backup and you have a situation that is rapidly becoming an administrative nightmare.

Legato Manages Heterogeneous Clusters

Legato Systems Inc. last week introduced two software packages that let customers cluster an unlimited number of Linux servers for fault tolerance and increased availability.

Novell bolsters storage software

NetWare 5 users will soon be able to more quickly add storage capacity and monitor disk space with a support pack Novell will ship this month.

Veritas Bolsters NT Cluster Software

Veritas Software Corp. has announced a variety of software packages that will make it easier for network professionals to cluster and manage large numbers of Windows NT servers for disaster recovery purposes.

Novell Bolsters Directory, Mgmt. Packages

IT managers may find it easier to share business information with partners and manage end users when Novell Inc. releases directory and management software enhancements previewed at BrainShare last week.