Stories by Deni Connor

How do you back up virtual environments?

When it comes to backing up virtual servers, IT administrators have a lot of choices. But increasingly, they're finding one method of backup isn't enough to satisfy all the demands of a virtual environment.

5 ways to cut back on datacentre power consumption

Cutting back on the amount of power a datacentre consumes isn't necessarily tricky, but it does require a holistic approach that considers the IT, cooling and power infrastructures. As Kfir Godrich, CTO for EYP Mission Critical Facilities, a datacentre consultancy, says: "If you are not looking at your datacentre from the utility input down to the chip, and then back to the power and cooling, you are missing the target." These five tips - some for the here and now and others for longer-term strategizing - will help you curb power use in the datacentre.

Data-protection vendors bolster wares

Bocada, Arsenal Digital Solutions and Digisense separately announced upgraded software and services designed to help enterprises better manage and protect their data.

Quest Software buys virtualization company

Quest Software announced it had acquired Provision Networks, a maker of desktop virtualization software, to bolster its portfolio of heterogeneous virtualization-management tools.

SCO has a buyer, pending bankruptcy approval

Embattled SCO Group is offering the bankruptcy court a deal it could be hard to refuse. The company has received an offer of US$36 million from JGD Management for its business and intellectual property. JGD Management, a current debtor of SCO, is an investing arm of York Capital Management, which owned more than 91,000 shares of SCO stock from March 2005 to September 2006.

Apple to ship Leopard Server this week

While the improvements to Mac OS X Leopard desktop are said to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, the enhancements to Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Server are impressive and include features ordinarily reserved for large enterprises.

Five easy ways to save power in your data center

Sometimes the most easy fix to a problem is the most overlooked and conserving power in the data center is perhaps no different. There are five easy and inexpensive ways for you to improve your data center's energy efficiency and reduce power consumption.