Stories by Jennifer Jones

WorldCom Inks Managed E-Mail Deal

WorldCom Inc. on Wednesday announced that the carrier has signed up insurance giant AFLAC as one of the first mega-enterprises to use its managed e-mail services, which debuted in the spring in the company's "generation d initiative."

Anti-Piracy Plan Pushed

Motivated by the publicity surrounding the and Napster copyright disputes, PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP soon will push a new service designed to protect corporate intellectual property.

Enterprise DSL Customers Eyed

Eyeing enterprise customers that want to purchase blanket DSL connections, DSLnetworks on Tuesday hooked up with Level 3 Communications Inc. on a deal also intended to woo ISPs and ASPs (application service providers).

Wireless Buys May Fuel GSM

The announcement Monday that Georgia-based regional wireless provider Powertel Inc. will ultimately be owned by Deutsche Telekom AG may boost the uptake of GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) technology in the United States.

High-Tech Warms Up to Privacy Regs

Fearing a slew of Internet privacy bills from state governments responding to a public outcry over the issue, a group of high-tech giants are warming up to the prospect of federal legislation, if they are given a big enough stake in the process.

Domain Name Reflection

With plans to step down in November from her post as chair of ICANN (the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers), Esther Dyson on Wednesday recapped some of the organization's early growing pains.

High-Tech Players Warm to Privacy Legislation

Fearing a slew of privacy bills from state governments responding to the public outcry over the issue, a group of high-tech giants are signaling that they might be amenable to new federal legislation if given a big enough stake in the process.

Time Warner CEO Urges Industry Action

Kicking off a technology policy conference here Monday, Time Warner Inc. CEO Gerald Levin called for more industry leaders' involvement in the regulatory process, which Levin claims should be "renovated" to reflect various access methods that now fall under the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

FTC Spotlights Identity Theft

Responding to growing consumer fear over "identity theft," the U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced Wednesday that it will establish a central clearinghouse for complaints and rally industry on ways to assist victims.

Democrats Champion Privacy

Honing in on the controversy now surrounding privacy, Democratic operatives on Wednesday at the Los Angeles convention will aim to point out the difference between the two political parties on the hot-button issue.

AT&T Unveils Web Hosting

To cash in on the Web hosting craze and get more use of its sprawling data center build-out, AT&T on Tuesday unfurled its Business Ready Dedicated Hosting service.

Ready the Broadband Apps

Industry speakers at Business Telecom 2000 here Wednesday urged vendors and corporations to rev up development of the applications and services that will define the broadband Internet experience that users are now looking for.

Strange Broadband Bedfellows?

Verizon Corp.'s announcement Tuesday that it will line up all of its DSL wherewithal behind emerging carrier NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. through a whopping US$800 million merger signals huge changes on the DSL landscape.