Stories by Jennifer Jones

With Cingular, Two Wireless Providers Merge

Aiming at the no. 2 slot in the market, two wireless carriers -- SBC Communications Inc. and BellSouth Corp. -- officially joined forces on Thursday to become Cingular Wireless.

Sprint Forges E-Commerce Alliance

Sprint Corp. on Wednesday beat the managed services drum, adding a new deal with Open Market to spruce up its Web hosting and e-commerce services.

BellSouth Jumps into ASP Fray

Going the way of many telecom powerhouses lately, BellSouth Corp. on Tuesday made a key e-business infrastructure play, while wrapping in the efforts of Qwest Communications International Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc.

Major Telecoms Push Bundled Offerings

At the fall Networld+Interop show here Tuesday, Sprint Corp. and WorldCom Inc. pushed wildly different bundled options each designed to take the heat of network managers trying to maximize functionality with minimal resources.

FCC's Numbers Show Off Telecom's Heft

The telecommunications industry in 1999 collectively hauled in $269 billion, and wireless revenues were up more than 30 percent, according to recent government figures.

H1-B Visa Debate Heats Up

The politics and uncertainty surrounding the controversial H1-B visa program wound its way back to U.S. Congress this week, as lawmakers began debating whether or not to allow more workers into the country via the specialized program.

Cable & Wireless Details ASP Play

European carrier Cable & Wireless PLC -- along with Microsoft Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp. -- at the NetWorld+Interop trade show will detail a-Services, the company's ballyhooed ASP (application service provider) offering. Expands with

Digging deeper into a corporate market that has a voracious appetite for technical and professional content in any medium, Inc. this week gobbled up Inc. in a US$64 million deal.

Building Access Battle Rages

A steaming controversy brewing between office building owners across the country and new-breed carriers that want access to more buildings is expected to come to a head Thursday at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

Vendors SIP New Promise of Telephony

Several VoIP (Voice over IP) vendors at the Voice on the Net (VON) show in Atlanta this week are debuting products based on a new Internet standard that is expected to spur the use of telephony applications.

WorldCom Snaps Up Intermedia

To intensify its push into data services and hosted applications, WorldCom Inc. this week moved in on Tampa, Fla.-based Intermedia Communications Inc. with a $6 billion deal that will give the carrier controlling interest in Web-hosting powerhouse Digex Inc.

Wireless Hook-Up?

AT&T Wireless Inc. wireless carrier Nextel Communications Inc. are rumored to be meeting over the possibility of a merger.

Conditions Expected for AOL-Time Warner Merger

Under pressure from critics who say the America Online Inc. -Time Warner Inc. merger has huge implications for the evolution of broadband, federal regulators later this month will likely hand down "open access" safeguards for the deal.

Privacy Spurs Innovation

Screaming privacy headlines and publicity around other cyberethics snafus are spurring new-breed technologies and hammering home the moneymaking aspects of responsible IT.