Stories by Jennifer Jones

C&W unveils Web apps for small businesses

Still pursuing smaller enterprises that are in the market for hosted business applications, Cable & Wireless on Tuesday unveiled a suite of managed computing services.

FCC Chairman Powell seeks to overhaul agency

U. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell made his formal congressional debut on Thursday, mapping out his philosophy for overhauling the powerful regulatory agency.

Nortel inks deals to build out 'e-communities'

Nortel Networks on Tuesday announced a second recent deal with service providers that are scrambling to build out new residential housing developments pre-wired for broadband access.

Verizon combines phone, PDA

Verizon Wireless Inc. on Friday debuted a device that packs functionality of both a wireless phone and PDA.

Telephony vendors weigh in at VoiceCon 2000 show

Telephony hardware provider Avaya Inc. on Tuesday unveiled a new VOIP (voice over IP) networking tool that lets enterprises gauge the potential impact of new voice applications on existing data networks.

IP telephony pushed by major telecom vendors

Courting enterprise customers anew, megacarriers AT&T Corp. and WorldCom Inc. last week piped up with corporate VOIP (voice over IP) offerings at the ComNet trade show in Washington.

AT&T refocuses on the enterprise

AT&T Corp. came charging back at enterprise customers with a spate of offerings at the ComNet show here today. The Basking Ridge, New Jersey-based granddaddy telecom -- which has suffered its share of financial setbacks lately -- is the latest of the large carriers to espouse a renewed interest in enterprise offerings.

New President to Face Lots of IT Homework

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday's supertight presidential election, the winning candidate will walk -- perhaps unexpectedly -- into a myriad of complex information technology issues.

Internet Influences Close Race

With the presidential election too close to call as it heads down to the wire, more Americans -- and the candidates vying to represent them -- are grabbing on to electronic tools to either make or influence the decisions that could decide Tuesday's outcome.
In one recent survey, 89 per cent of Web users said they would use information they had gotten online in deciding how to cast their vote.

Sprint Unfurls New ION Service Levels

To build out its broadband portfolio, Sprint Corp. on Wednesday unleashed new DSL offerings built around its ION (Integrated On-Demand Network) service.

AOL-Time Warner Urge FCC to Exclude AT&T

In the latest in a series of letters defending their merger before the U.S.Federal Communications Commission, America Online Inc. - Time Warner Inc. executives argued that Time Warner's "interrelationship" with AT&T Corp. is no deal stopper.

Law Raises H1-B Visa Quota for Tech Workers

In one of its last moves before adjourning until 2001, Congress voted overwhelmingly last week to soothe the employee-strapped technology industry by boosting the number of H1-B visas issued in the next three years by nearly 300,000.