Stories by Jennifer Jones

Technology Issues Get Campaign Attention

In sharp contrast to the 1996 presidential election, the top four contenders now vying for the Oval Office have made high-tech policies central to their campaigns.

Presidential Candidates Weigh In on Technology

Although the politics of technology have so far played heavily into the 2000 presidential race, voters looking to cast Super Tuesday votes on March 7 strictly on a candidate's tech-policy platform may have a hard time deciding which lever to pull.

Some E-businesses Lured Overseas

Before conducting even the first transaction on the borderless Internet, more technology upstarts are now shopping internationally for the best location in which to launch their e-businesses.

Maryland Politicians Weigh UCITA

Maryland lawmakers this week took up a controversial set of regulations designed to make software licensing contracts more uniform.

Telecom SBC Snags Sterling Commerce for $3.9B

TEXAS LOCAL PHONE giant SBC on today staked new claim to the e-commerce market by snapping up e-commerce marketplace vendor Sterling Commerce in an all-cash transaction valued at $3.9 billion.

Despite Setback, SBC Furthers Enterprise Push

WHEN LOCAL phone giant SBC this week ran into trouble with federal regulators during its push into the long-distance market, it was likely just a minor setback in the company's journey to the enterprise market.

Government, Industry Tie Up

President Clinton and other high-profile government officials weighed in this week on the series of distributed DoS (denial of service) attacks lobbed at e-commerce giants.

DoubleClick Acknowledges Federal Probe

INTERNET ADVERTISING GIANT DoubleClick is now the target of a federal investigation looking into claims that the company engaged in "unfair and deceptive practices."

Consumer Groups Ask Lawmakers to Press Broadband

FED UP with AOL's waffling on the issue of open access and AT&T's delay in welcoming competing ISPs to its cable franchises, four industry groups are lobbying Congress to intervene on the issue.

Congress Ponders Internet Privacy Plans

FEDERAL LEGISLATION advanced today would require that the handful of Internet privacy bills now pending before Congress be scrutinized to make sure those would-be laws match Internet technology.

DOJ Rejects SBC Long-distance Service Request

The U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday dealt local phone giant SBC Communications a stinging blow when it recommended that the company not be allowed to offer long-distance service in Texas.