Stories by Jennifer Jones

BI Backup Breach

It's not difficult to do, but backing up BI data takes time and effort. Without it, that hard-earned data could float away.

Verizon CEO defends broadband rollout

Verizon Communications Inc.'s co-CEO Ivan Seidenberg on Tuesday mapped out the role ahead for large telecoms that are among the few players now with pockets deep enough to set the pace of the networking industry.

Cybersecurity czar faces steep challenges

President Bush's newly installed cybersecurity czar, Richard Clarke, vowed Tuesday to enhance ways in which government and industry safeguard critical infrastructures against terrorism, but observers say hurdles stand in the way of full cooperation.

White House nixes national ID notion

The White House will not pursue a national identification card system, despite renewed clamor from pockets of government and industry following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Sept. 11 attacks stir national ID card debate in U.S.

Renewed clamor for a national identity card system has emerged in pockets of government and industry following September 11's terrorist attacks, but the idea also faces strong opposition from privacy advocates.

Carriers are low-key with their announcements

Telecom giants AT&T Corp. and WorldCom Inc. each unfurled IP VPN announcements at the abbreviated NetWorld+Interop show in Atlanta, while carrier Sprint Corp. announced a new method of manipulating fiber resources.

FBI could use Carnivore to sniff wireless packets

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation may well use its packet-sniffing Carnivore system to intercept wireless data, because the wireless industry is now struggling to develop a technical and legal framework that would narrow law enforcement intercepts.

Sale speculation points to Web hosting turmoil

While Web hosting high-flier Exodus Communications' future reportedly hangs in the balance, stalwart telecoms may be readying themselves to dive even deeper into hosting with capital infusions that could well yield the spoils of this once red-hot sector.

WorldCom makes hosted CRM play

Telecom titan WorlCom Inc. on Wednesday unveiled a hosted eCRM (customer relationship management) solution, signaling the carrier's intent to delve further into the hosted solutions market.

Web hosters hang future on enterprise interest

As their market contracts and players fall by the wayside, Web-hosting vendors gathered here Monday at Web Hosting Expo to hash out the future of an industry that hinges on gaining more business from the enterprise.

AT&T Wireless eyes enterprise

Cut free from its parent company, AT&T Wireless Group is on the prowl for corporate accounts, touting a strategy to echo its new-found independence.

Privacy measures fail to grab IT's attention

According to new research, a majority of US companies are lukewarm on two major pushes underway in the privacy community: membership in privacy consortiums and the adoption of a new standard called P3P.

DSL consortium banks on tech advances

Despite the grim financials hanging over parts of the broadband landscape, the DSL Forum on Wednesday painted a positive picture of an industry poised to break through some of the key barriers that have held it back.

Marketers back Senate anti-spam bill

Online marketers are said to be lining up behind a U.S. Senate bill crafted to limit spam, or unsolicited e-mail, though privacy advocates claim the measure does not go far enough.