Stories by Elinor Mills

VPNs, integrated security on tap

Virtual private networks and software that integrates disparate security functions are likely to be hot product areas at the RSA Data Security Conference which started yesterday, according to executives from IBM and Cisco Systems.

Study: Microsoft overcharged users $US10B

Over the past three years, Microsoft has overcharged consumers $US10 billion for its operating system, and, if undeterred, it could overcharge another $15 billion over the next two years, according to a study released on Friday by several consumer research groups.

3Com beats estimates at 36 cents per share

3Com has announced second-quarter earnings of $US0.36 per share, handily beating market estimates for the networking company and leaping more than 30 per cent over earnings a year ago.

NAI tackles new NT virus that plays admin

Network Associates (NAI) is warning companies this week about a new type of virus discovered last week that propagates itself in Windows NT networks, compressing program files so they won't execute and encrypting data files so they can't be accessed.

Oracle to Buy Concentra for E-Commerce Boost

Oracle Corp. announced today that it will acquire Concentra Corp. for about US$43 million [M] to provide Oracle with a powerful configurator engine for electronic commerce and sales automation applications.