Stories by Dennis Williams

Product review: Casting files across WANs

What's the most efficient way to distribute frequent large file updates to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of remote sites on a network?
You could opt to send content via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), but that's time-consuming and inefficient. For more capacity, you could distribute CD-ROMs, but that takes even more time, is error prone and requires human intervention. And with FTP and CD-ROM distribution, there's no guarantee that updated files will be installed.

Product review: ZAC 2001 takes shops to Y2K and beyond

Network Associates' (NA) Zero Administration Client (ZAC) 2001 includes "2001" in its name with good reason -- its value does not end when the new millennium begins.
This full-featured, year-2000 risk-assessment tool, which began shipping January 18, can find and help eliminate noncompliant hardware and software throughout a network.

Product review: Express 2000 adds solid Y2K features

Software metering offers network managers several significant advantages. It can help pinpoint those applications that deserve the highest priority when it comes to load-balancing and applying updates; it can ease software licence management; and it can help to determine a network's year 2000 compliance status. WRQ's Express 2000 Software Manager 4.0 addresses the immediate need for year 2000 certification, as well as the ongoing need for application management.

Product review: RADIUS eases 'net access control

Network administrators who try to balance a secure network and one that's easy to access now can do both and still get home from work on time. The technology that makes this possible is Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service, or Radius.