Stories by Tom Diederich

Senators urge NATO to not lose sight of Y2K

Senators Robert Bennett and Christopher Dodd have urged top NATO officials not to let operations in Kosovo distract them from the critical task of making sure key computer systems are year 2000-compliant, warning that inattention to the Y2K issue threatens to jeopardise ongoing and future NATO operations.

Analysts 'bite back' after Internet shutdown

The company that calls itself the "dot com people" needs to work on its people skills, an influential analyst shop specialising in information technology complained on Wednesday.

Lucent invests in optical storage

Lucent Technologies said on Friday it was licensing some of its optical storage technology to a privately held Silicon Valley company in a multimillion-dollar equity-for-technology deal that seeks to deliver a tenfold increase in data storage density over today's magnetic disk drives.

US Net retail heavies top $100m each

The Internet's top 22 retail Web sites earned at least $US100 million each last year, with at least one of them, Dell Computer, taking in close to $2 billion, according to a report from ActivMedia Research.

New E-Commerce Lobby Aims to Curb Online Laws

When the Global Business Dialogue on E-Commerce (GBDE) convenes for the second time next month, the meeting will most likely be held -- fittingly enough -- over the Internet.
The international organization was launched recently in New York by chief executive officers from a wide range of industries. The group aims to tackle a host of policy issues related to electronic commerce, to hammer out consensus and alleviate the need for governments to step in with regulations.

Studies Show Holiday Shoppers Moving Online

More shoppers than ever before logged on and made purchases over the Internet this past holiday season.
Online spending among Internet users skyrocketed during the 1998 holiday season, averaging US$629 per person - a 191% jump from the previous year's $216, Zona Research Inc. said today.

Zona sees '99 as XML's year

Attracted by the ease with which it allows programmers to build Web pages that can be readily indexed, businesses are beginning to embrace Extensible Markup Language (XML), according to a new report from Zona Research.

Y2K Group urges mediation over litigation

When it comes to resolving business disputes related to the dreaded millennium bug, about a dozen major companies in the US have decided that mediation beats litigation.