Stories by Mahesh Sharma

Commonwealth Bank served as training ground for global phishing attacks

When international organised crime groups launched the first wide-scale phishing attacks in 2003, their targets weren’t the United States or the United Kingdom but actually the customers of one of Australia's major banks, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, according to a cyber crime researcher.

Cloud floats through cybercrime legislation: Crime Commission

The head of the Australian Crime Commission has warned current law enforcement isn’t properly equipped to respond to attacks on cloud computing services, which is poised to be the next frontier for organised crime gangs to expand their syndicates.

Exetel initiates legal action against telco ombudsman

The procedures used by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) to deal with customer complaints could soon be scrutinised by the Federal Court, after telco Exetel served the ombudsman with a statement of claim, alleging a number of breaches.

Suncorp "agilises" its business, adopts BYO IT

Suncorp is "agilising" its business and extending agile practices to non-technology areas at the regional bank, following the successful use of the project management methodology in a range of IT projects.

Revenge cycles spark move to agile

Governance is best defined as the rules for losing and a contract is a shopping list of the punishment to be meted out, according to Lonely Planet IT manager, Nigel Dalton.

Exetel mulls legal action against TIO

The telecommunications industry ombudsman (TIO) could soon contest a legal action initiated by telco Exetel, which has alleged fines were wrongly issued in response to customer complaints.

Fox Sports taps fibre upgrade for competitive edge

Fox Sports will tap its high-speed fibre network to deliver more sports events online and in 3D next year as the content producer pushes its credentials at the time when the major sports codes are deciding their broadcast futures.

Nextgen bets on 100gbps

Nextgen Networks has invested “tens of millions of dollars” to develop the capability to transfer data at speeds of 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) over its network, as it targets Google and other content providers to underpin its push to become a leading player in the nation's high-speed broadband future.

NBN will be cheaper than $43b: Nextgen chief Phil Sykes

The National Broadband Network (NBN) will cost “significantly” less than the proposed $43 billion price-tag, according to the head of the company responsible for the fibre rollout in regional 'blackspot' communities.