Stories by Paul Krill.

Web services choreography group kicks off

Officials from major technology companies will gather Wednesday to begin establishing a standard for Web services choreography, which is considered crucial to the growth of Web services usage for business processes.

BEA eyes standards implementations

BEA Systems at its eWorld conference in Kissimmee, Fla. took steps to promote two proposed standards for XML and Web services, including its own XMLBeans technology.

Web standards burnout decried

Over-standardization, royalty-free standards, and browser wars were on the minds of industry dignitaries serving on a panel discussing the future of the Web at the XML Web Services One conference on Thursday.

Web services maturity, benefits emphasized

Web services is a maturing technology and IT shops need to recognize its benefits now, rather than holding off until ongoing standardization efforts conclude, said Bob Sutor, IBM Corp. director of Web services technology at the company on Wednesday.

BEA shows Web services allegiance

Although BEA Systems has been in the somewhat-peculiar position of backing rival Web services choreography efforts, aligning with IBM Corp. and Microsoft Corp. on one proposal and Sun Microsystems on another, details of the company's new product suite, WebLogic Platform 8.1, reveal that BEA is moving closer to the IBM-Microsoft camp.

BEA to pour more Liquid Data

BEA Systems, fresh from announcing an upgrade to its suite of Java application deployment tools, plans to improve its Liquid Data integration technology to take advantage of the new suite, a BEA official said on Monday at the BEA eWorld conference.

BEA stresses convergence

BEA Systems stressed convergence as the order of the day Monday at the BEA eWorld conference, which featured the introduction of the company's WebLogic Platform 8.1 J2EE application deployment suite.

OASIS to preview business document XML system

OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) next week plans to preview a pre-released version of Universal Business Language (UBL), a standard library of XML-based business documents such as purchase orders and invoices that can be used for transacting e-business, an OASIS official said Friday.