Stories by Miguel D'Souza

Scanning for trouble

E-mail-borne viruses have reached something of a watershed in their potential to wreak economic damage on hapless organisations throughout the world. Witness the ILoveYou worm, which spiralled out of the Philippines in May, ultimately delivering an astronomical repair bill (in fixes and lost productivity) estimated in the tens of billions.

GST site breach: AFP investigating

The aftermath of Thurday's exposure of a flaw in the department of the Treasury's 'GST Assist' web site has seen a project manager with the Office admit that low levels of security on the site were a consequence of the Office's need to complete the task of publishing the information.

Govt security hole assists GST hack

An unemployed Melbourne man known only as "Kelly" has contacted the ABC and relayed details of a security breach he claims to have found on the Treasury's GST Assist website on Thursday.