Stories by Jeff Angus

Enterprises should take a tip from iPod

People who live in dense urban areas or who work in turbulent environments are more likely to seek insulation from highly unpredictable stimulation. Or so a series of informal surveys I've undertaken on iPod use suggests.

Reporting on the future

In its first incarnation, business intelligence helped the decision-making process by analyzing the enterprise's transactions, operations, purchasing trends and the like. Now it takes the next step: using the past to predict future trends and needs to push ever close to the leading edge. Jeff Angus reports.

Does BA beat BI?

The leaders of big organizations, especially businesses, can pay a terrible price for driving forward while gazing in the rear-view mirror. Many who did this at the turn of the millennium raced headlong into the Permafrost Economy on the fuel of wishful thinking and soothing official lullabies. Meanwhile, data in their own systems could have shown them both the coming chill and actions likely to buffer it. That is, the data could have if these leaders had invested in a software category called BA (business analytics).