Stories by Elizabeth Garone

Working productively as a telecommuter

Roll out of bed, put on a pot of coffee, and stumble over to your desk to check your phone and e-mail messages, all while still in your pajamas. While this might be some people's idea of telecommuting, it is not an approach destined for success, according to the experts.

How I got here: Diverse path leads to CIO job

Name a department at Wells Fargo & Company, and it's likely that Avid Modjtabai has held a senior position in it. From online personal finance services to human resources and consumer deposits, Modjtabai has been there, done that in her 14-year tenure at the company. Her experience has not gone unnoticed; in addition to being named one of the "most powerful women in banking" by U.S. Banker, she also received accolades from the San Francisco Business Times as of one of the "100 most influential women in Bay Area business." Elizabeth Garone spoke to Modjtabai about her career and the benefit of moving across functions. Edited excerpts follow.

Managing your former peers takes extra effort

It sounds like the ideal promotion: a management position in which you get to oversee your former peers, people with whom you already have a rapport and whose work habits you already know. But if you're not careful, the transition can be anything but easy or smooth, according to career coach Sherri Thomas.