Stories by Eric Hammond

Sun Rays Shine Bright

The Sun Ray thin client harkens back to the old days of mainframe/terminal computing, in which the client is merely an entry point to the applications that run on the server. Indeed, the Sun Ray includes only a video card and a network interface in the terminal. The software on the host Unix system handles all of the processing for the user session, and only pixel changes are sent over the wire to the Sun Ray.

Hammock Swings Through Web Interfaces

Developing the front end of a Web application can be tricky. First your designers must come up with a striking look and feel for your site, and then your programmers have to realize that vision -- hopefully without compromise. Web site design is one of those gray areas where art and science collide, and the results are often unpredictable.

IBM On-Demand Server Capable but Costly

Security is one of the biggest problems facing Web-application development. Among other worries, the diversity of Web clients means that Web development must account for the differing capabilities and limitations of the various clients (browsers) accessing an application. When management learns the word "extranet,"the problems multiply as outside stakeholders gain access to previously internal systems. IBM Corp. attempts to address security-and configuration-management obstacles with its SecureWay On-Demand Server (ODS).

Product review: Enterprise minder keeps watch over Web

If you are interested in keeping track of your competitors' latest moves, your vendors' lowest prices, or your company's ever-changing policies, then I recommend you consider Enterprise Minder 3.0, NetMind Technologies' Web-page monitoring solution.

Product Review: Apptivity: One-Stop Development, Deployment

In the early days of Web development, life was simple: Anyone who knew how to connect a CGI application written in Perl or C to a database, tie it together with some HTML and shell scripts, and stick everything up on a Web server could build a Web application. This model of development is still being used successfully by many organizations, but it's clearly not for everyone.