Stories by Ee Sze Tan

Linux is optimal OS for grid computing, says Oracle

The modular approach to computing underlies the major IT evolution that is currently taking place. And although the evolution itself has been called many things - grid, utility, adaptive enterprise, on demand - its main impetus is to enhance interoperability and to help the IT industry deliver better products at reduced costs, said Guy Cross, director, Business Development, Oracle Asia Pacific Linux Business Unit.

Novell returns to channel roots

After a brief alliance with the direct sales model, Novell is now cementing its relationship with channel partners in order to deliver on a busy product and services road map which includes the rollout of Open Enterprise Server (OES) and new versions of Groupwise.

Usonyx launches shopfront-in-a-box

Broadband hosting service provider Usonyx has launched U-Shop, an integrated online shopfront-in-a-box targeted at small and medium enterprises.

Backup versus archive

Often mentioned in the same breath, backup and archiving are actually quite different processes, involving different capabilities and often with competing requirements.

Sentivist to get dynamic shielding capabilities

NFR Security will be incorporating the ability to discover new applications on the network and to dynamically shield the system from attacks, in the next version of its Sentivist intrusion detection and intrusion prevention offerings scheduled for release in July. The company will also be releasing multi-gigabit capable offerings during the same time frame.

Resolvo launches Linux desktop migration tool

Singapore's Resolvo Systems has announced the launch of MoveOver, which it describes as "possibly the world's first migration tool" to assist Windows users in migrating to a Linux desktop environment within a few clicks of the mouse.

The supply chain looks to open standards

When it comes to the exchange of documents along the value chain, the scenario faced by shipping services provider Pacific International Lines (PIL) is one shared by many companies in the logistics and manufacturing sectors.