Stories by Joanne Cummings

3 lessons learned about database management

The Washington Post's security team has developed a series of customized policies for monitoring its databases via the Symantec Database Security and Audit (SDSA) appliances.

Boeing subsidiary shares storage-upgrade lessons learned

Aviall Services, a Dallas-based Boeing subsidiary and provider of after-market supply-chain management services for the aerospace, defense and marine industries, successfully implemented a new storage scheme that doubles its storage capacity, increases performance and prepares it for future services.

How to build a data center in 6 months for US$800,000

For years, Robert Wakefield and Dameon Rustin lived with the problems of keeping Snelling Staffing Services' old, poorly designed data center up and running. Not only were the intricate cable runs and varied server makes and models difficult to keep straight, but the building itself tended to compound their management headaches.

Data center automation shines at SunTrust

At SunTrust, a major bank with US$182 billion in assets, network executives had the blues. Although mergers and acquisitions had boosted the bank's branch and ATM presence across the Southeast, they had created a network-management morass.

VOIP veteran shares lessons learned

When you've lived with VOIP for more than seven years, as Mike Shisko has, you learn a thing or two about what works and what doesn't. Inadequate prioritization techniques can derail a deployment, for example. So can choosing the wrong security gear. Despite some setbacks, the director of IT for Hitachi Consulting wouldn't do voice any other way.

TiVo records big savings in compliance

Like other public companies that handle credit cards, TiVo faces a double whammy: meeting the requirements of the Sarbanes Oxley Act and the Payment Card Industry data security standard. Through a savvy combination of proactive auditor relations, automation and simplification, however, the company has cut significantly the time and effort it spends dealing with compliance issues.

10 virtualization companies to watch

Everybody knows virtualization isn't just about VMware anymore. Many users are past the rush to server virtualization and now need to increase the benefits of the move. They need not only to improve efficiency, performance and management, but also to find ways to extend the technology to their desktop, storage and mobile environments. That's a heavy burden. Product choices can be overwhelming, and a starting point difficult to find. Get on your way with promising products from these 10 companies:

Sloppy e-discovery can cost you millions

Lawsuits are a fact of life for organizations today. Recent surveys show that the average U.S. company faces 305 suits at any one time; that number jumps to 556 for companies with US$1 billion or more in revenue.

Web 2.0: people who need people

With all the hype surrounding Web 2.0 technologies, serious IT organizations may be tempted to dismiss them as just more consumer-oriented fads. After all, do we really need something like MySpace or YouTube on the corporate network?

If you had the power ...

Imagine this: With the wave of a magic wand, you're suddenly all-powerful. You can change today's network industry in any way you want. What would you do, and how?