Stories by Dan Neel and Maria Apicella

Taking VM to extremes

Let's be bold: IBM's VM (Virtual Machine) is quite possibly the most flexible and scalable operating system ever built. And this week we'd like to zero in on VM's ability to partition one of Big Blue's S/390 or zSeries servers into virtual machines. Essentially a simulated computer, a virtual machine has its own designated processor, memory, and I/O and can host a variety of other operating systems within the main server, including OS/390, VM itself, and Linux.

Opinion: Shifting shape

Squeezing every ounce of performance from a storage network keeps the brightest minds in our industry
searching for that perfect combination of software code, processor power, and I/O. But a surprising
amount of increased performance can be tapped by simply changing the shape of what a storage system or
component looks like.