Stories by Lisa Alexander

Hyperion launches Java tool for building business apps

Built using Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) specifications, the Hyperion Application Builder works with leading application servers and provides an open standards-based architecture. Part of Hyperion's business analysis software platform, the Hyperion Application Builder enables the creation, development, and deployment of scalable Web-centric business analysis applications.

HP introduces Java app environment for appliances

The Hewlett-Packard Co. MicrochaiVM Java application environment, the micro edition of HP ChaiVM, enables customers to download Java applications to mobile and other devices. HP developed the MicrochaiVM for use in resource-constrained devices such as cell phones, pagers, personal digital assistants, and point-of-sale terminals.

Borland offers Enterprise Studio for e-commerce apps

The newly released Borland Software Corp. Enterprise Studio Java Edition provides complete design, development, and process management for multitier, Web, and e-commerce applications. The Borland Enterprise Studio comes bundled with Rational Software Corp. and Macromedia Inc. software for creating enterprise-class applications.

Java delivers enterprise information

A platform for the analysis and distribution of quantitative information, Insightful Corp.'s S-Plus Analytic Server deploys large-scale, multiuser analytical applications via Java software or via the Web using Unix servers. It provides descriptive analysis, predictive modeling, and interactive graphics.

IBM adds JIT compiler to VisualAge Micro Edition

The JIT compiler added to IBM Corp.'s VisualAge Micro Edition 1.3 speeds the performance of embedded Java applications and monitors the execution of program components by tracking the frequency of use and the execution length.

AgentGO releases eight wired enterprise apps for J2ME

Eight new wireless enterprise applications from AgentGo Inc. are available for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME). AgentGo's J2ME applications run on Motorola Inc. iDEN 3000 telephones, Research In Motion Ltd. pagers, and Palm Inc. OS products.

JCertify 4.0 prepares testers for changes

A new preparation tool for the Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam, JCertify 4.0 covers the content and exam format changes introduced by Sun Microsystems Inc. on October 4, 2000. JCertify 4.0 includes 20 percent more questions than the previous version and includes the Java 2 Last Minute Tutorial.

FileSweep/Rapid 1.00 will support Java

Core Technology Corp. has announced the development of a new version of FileSweep/Rapid that runs on any hardware or software architecture supporting the Java Virtual Machine.

NewMonics PERC 3.1 combines Java and C programming

The PERC 3.1 release of NewMonics extends memory management, offers developers the ability to integrate Java with any C/C++ coding, and features new tools that simplify the development process. With NewMonics PERC 3.1, developers can create Java code using the same methodology traditionally used with C programming.

Persistence and DiCarta partner

Under an agreement between Persistence Software Inc. and diCarta Corp., Persistence will provide its core caching application server technology for use in the diCarta contract management solution.

Core Technology rebuilds CTCBridge

Core Technology Corp.'s Version 3.0 of CTCBridge offers significant enhancements to the original CTCBridge, including the addition of scalable display font, improved speed, increased modularity, and enhanced script handling.

Code errors can't hide from JProbe

JProbe Integration Portal for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Sitraka Inc.'s new toolkit for building high-performance, reliable client and server-side applications, helps developers diagnose and eliminate code errors and inefficiencies.