Stories by Ellen Fanning

2011 Top Green-IT Vendors

Technology vendors and data center suppliers were also invited to participate in Computerworld's search for the Top Green-IT Organizations. These companies completed the same survey as the end user organizations and were judged on the same criteria -- most notably, on their IT departments' efforts to reduce energy consumption in their IT equipment, and to use technology to conserve energy and lower carbon emissions. Here are the top 12, in ranked order:

EGuide: Financial services, an industry on the vanguard

Companies throughout the financial services industry are engaged in massive changes on the technology front -- they're embracing mobile systems, social media, real-time processing and more. The smart ones see the shifts as ripe opportunities for business growth and they're preparing their IT staffs to step into these new arenas, armed with specialized training and career support.

Reinventing IT

It's a change that's making more of a soft clatter than a loud crash. Compelled to achieve closer alignment with company needs and business demands, IT has once again entered a time of transformation. Where once IT solely helped support the business, now it must help define the business.

Morgan Stanley gets closer to customers with CRM

Back in the pre-World War II era, store owners had ready means of gaining detailed knowledge of their customers and their buying habits. Although the growth of mass marketing and the mass production of goods has slowly distanced that relationship, technology -- and customer relationship management (CRM) software in particular -- could allow companies to restore that connection with customers.

IT leadership in trying times

Turbulent times offer the best test of an IT executive's mettle, and never before have so many forces converged to challenge today's technology leadership.

Web services make customer connection

Web services promise to be the technological equivalent of being in the right place at the right time with just the right information at your fingertips. And some say the impact promises to hit the IT world like a tidal wave.

Case Study: Nationwide leverages the Web

Two years ago, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co., the US's sixth-largest insurer, made a significant move designed to bring its customers closer. Since 1994, Nationwide customers could do business with the company through its three main sales channels -- local agents, a toll-free number and the Internet -- but the data collected from those transactions was siloed. Nationwide's "Customer Choice" strategy was designed to create a common customer experience and to integrate data across all of its sales channels. And with its Electronic Business Intelligence initiative, or EBI, Columbus, Ohio-based Nationwide could further analyze Web-based data across all these access points to make more strategic business decisions.