Stories by Emru Townsend

Five videos you won't see on YouTube

Tired of the YouTubescene? I am. It's a pain when the copyright-infringing video everyone's talking about disappears before you can catch it. And the site's 10-minute limit on videos doesn't do much for those of us with longer attention spans--or who don't like features with six intermissions. Though Rihanna music videos and Trinidad and Tobago Police Band performances are fun, wouldn't you rather watch something a little more...movielike? Well, fire up the popcorn, because I have five flicks you can legally download that YouTube won't have up anytime soon.

Coming Soonish: USB (and FireWire) for Speed Freaks

Anyone remember the old days of USB 1.1? I do, every time I plug my thumb drive into an older computer and find myself waiting interminably for that 800 MB file to copy -- usually just before I have to catch a train.

Japanese embrace cell-phone novels

Here's why futurists look to Japan: while we just got around to finding someone willing to write a book on a cell phone, in Japan people have been reading books on cell phones for years.