Stories by Ana Orubeondo

Business getting the instant message

Whether people are working with colleagues across the hall or in remote offices or are responding to clients from around the world, business leaders have begun tuning into the tangible benefits of IM (instant messaging). Glancing at a list of co-workers to see who is online and available for an immediate discussion has tremendous value in solving time-sensitive problems.

Junkbuster Blocks Unwanted Web Content

E-business companies will be the first to tell you that the information they collect about your browsing habits enables them to improve their bottom line. Some junk-raking companies benefit from the sale of your information held in "junk databases." In them, they record where you surf and what ads you download.

Palm pops up with revamped, hip design

By now, every CTO has witnessed firsthand how valuable handheld computers are in the business environment, keeping an increasingly distributed workforce organised. On August 7, Palm announced a new model that you might consider for your mobile workforce to cut down on losses of productivity while users are out and about. The Palm M100, the latest in Palm's pioneering line of handheld devices, offers impressive features to keep users on track at a very competitive price.

Easy-to-Use EthIR LAN Keeps Road Warriors Working

By now, it seems like everyone carries a handheld computer and works from everywhere but the office. Mobile users need -- and expect -- their IT administrators to find an easy-to-use way for them to connect to the Internet and corporate networks with their handhelds. Regardless of their location, employees must be able to access critical data to remain productive. And to be a feasible investment for the IT department, the device that gets these users connected must be affordable and require little maintenance.

Qbe Cirrus Keeps Users on the Go

There is a big difference between being able to bring your computer with you and being able to actually use it when on the move.

Color Palm IIIc Raises Mobile Productivity

It can be a challenge for today's mobile workforce to remain organized and fully functional while traveling between home, office, and off-site engagements. Organizations worried about the loss in productivity that such movement may cause distribute handheld computers to keep their mobile workers focused while on the go.

Toughbook 34 Minimizes Mobile Downtime

With today's mobile workforce growing, it is crucial to keep your off-site employees in the loop at all times. Undoubtedly, your IT department distributes an increasing number of notebooks for this very purpose. However, the perils that lie on the open road, such as rain, coffee spills, and gravity, could damage your company's notebooks and cause a serious loss of data and productivity. In addition, the inconvenience of finding an outlet may prevent workers from accessing data when they need to, creating a costly amount of downtime.

3Com AirConnect Frees Users, Lowers Costs

Let's face it: Laying new cable for a growing LAN is a hassle. However, a wireless LAN, which is an extension of a traditional wired network, may be a good alternative.

Phone Card Keeps Data Current

Mobile users generally juggle their everyday business activities among numerous mobile devices, including cell phones, handheld computers, and notebooks. But the danger of using multiple devices is that they can lack a network or Web connection and employ old data. This can lead to inconvenience or embarrassment, especially when dealing with clients.

Mobile IP Will Fuel Mobile Computing Boom

In today's rigorous business environment, conducting trade is more and more a global endeavor, and workers are on the go more often than not. Jobs frequently require -- or allow, depending on your point of view -- employees to work remotely from home, on the road, and almost everywhere in between. Workers must be able to log in to their companies' networks at any moment during the day, regardless of where they happen to be working.

SurfinShield Defends Against Attacks

As your users gain wider access to the Internet, you run the risk of exposing your enterprise's computing resources to a new hazard: harmful bits of code that can hitch a ride with downloadable mobile code, such as Java applets and ActiveX controls. Mobile-code attacks are no small worry. They can delete or corrupt critical files and even bring a system down. When enduring the extensive data loss such an attack can cause, a company's productivity can really suffer.

FaxMailer Delivers Solid E-mail-to-Fax Package

WITH EVERY purchasing decision you make, you're faced with the dilemma of finding ways to slash capital investment and maintenance costs. One way of doing this is by leveraging an existing infrastructure when implementing new software.

Product Review: Finally going live with voice over IP

Network managers have long awaited practical voice-over-IP (VOIP) solutions. VOIP promises to ease network management and decrease costs by converging a company's telephony and data infrastructures into one network.

Product review: TVD eases virus update deployments

In the ongoing battle against network infection, keeping users up-to-date with the latest antivirus software and virus updates is an IT manager's greatest challenge. To help ease upgrading antivirus software and virus updates across a network, Network Associates offers Total Virus Defense (TVD) Management Edition 2.0.