Stories by David Margulius

Waffling on grid computing

When I think of grid computing, for some reason I think of my waffle iron. In addition to being grid-shaped, it makes high-performance waffles -- nice and crisp with perfectly shaped ridges just waiting for the Vermont maple syrup layer. It's also horizontally scalable -- I can always get a friend to bring another waffle iron over to double my throughput.

Tech jobs take stress to whole new level

Attention all you laid-back IT professionals: a new study claims that IT is the most stressful occupation, ahead of engineering, sales, finance, HR, and pretty much everything else.

Disposing of IT assets

How confident are you that your discarded end-of-life IT assets aren't going to come back to haunt you? Consider this:

The real cost of switching to Linux

The jury is in. After years of experimentation with Linux in the enterprise, customers, analysts, and vendors are starting to sing a consistent tune about where Linux makes financial sense and where it doesn’t.