Stories by Bob Violino

Off to a Fast Start

Feeling like your business intelligence efforts are a bit sluggish and out of touch with what the company needs? Maybe it's time to try agile BI, a rapid development methodology that solicits end-user input early and often and delivers BI systems fast.

7 ways to do big data right using the cloud

There's a wealth of data out there companies can use to better understand customers and identify emerging business opportunities and threats. But how to access and work with all that data? An emerging type of service called data as a service, or DaaS, promises to help.

Build BI tools fast with agile approach

Feeling like your business intelligence effort is a bit sluggish and out of touch with what the business needs? Maybe it's time to try agile BI, a rapid development methodology that solicits end-user input early and often, and delivers BI systems fast.

How to live with malware infections

How can you be sure your organization doesn't have insidious viruses or other <a href="">malware</a> lurking within systems and applications, waiting to inflict damage? You can't.

Preparing for the real costs of cloud computing

At a cloud computing conference in New York in June, a number of speakers pointed out that the cloud is moving past the hype stage and is beginning to deliver tangible benefits to organizations. These improvements include increased flexibility and agility.

ISACA launches audit program for social media governance

ISACA, a global association of 95,000 IT assurance, security and governance professionals, has launched a new customisable audit program to help enterprises address the complex and emerging area of social media governance.

Cloud Security Alliance updates controls matrix

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has launched a revision of the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM). The new matrix (version 1.1), available for free download, is designed to provide fundamental security principles to guide cloud vendors and help prospective cloud customers assess the overall security risk of a cloud provider.

Filippo Passerini: Strategic thinking enables IT

Filippo Passerini attributes his business and personal style to lessons learned while playing competitive chess as a teenager. One lesson is to continually anticipate what's coming and think two, three or more moves ahead. Another is to pay attention to the clock and not take too much time to make a move.

Sorting the security standards

Many companies are using standards and frameworks to deal with certain aspects of information security. These models can help protect systems and data, but each plays a very different role in an overall security plan.

UPS leverages real-time data

For a company that delivers more than 13 million parcels and documents each day within a service area that includes some 200 countries and territories, any technology that improves package flow is bound to have a major impact.

Suite dilemmas

Messaging software has become so critical that it's hard to imagine businesses functioning without it. Online collaboration products have also become vital. The question is, should you buy a messaging/collaboration suite from one vendor or purchase individual products for e-mail and collaboration from several?

Protecting the data jewels

In the casino industry, one of the most valuable assets is the dossier that casinos keep on their affluent customers, the high rollers. But last year, casino operator Harrah's Entertainment filed a lawsuit charging that a former employee had copied the records of up to 450 wealthy customers before leaving the company to work at competitor Thunder Valley Casino.