Stories by Tom Krazit

HP to resell Mendocino's backup software

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) has entered into an agreement with Mendocino Software to resell its RecoveryOne software as part of HP's storage management software lineup, the companies announced Monday at the HP Technology Forum 2005.

Security concerns weigh on HP, users

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) probably isn't the first company IT managers think of when looking for help securing their networks. But the company hopes to take a more active role in helping its customers secure their systems, and helping the IT industry sort out evolving concepts such as identity management, an HP executive said Monday at the HP Technology Forum 2005 in Orlando.

Apple and TV: That's so Jobs

Portable music players were around before Apple Computer Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs got involved in digital music, but four years after the launch of the first iPod, Apple now owns 75 percent of the MP3 player market. Now that Apple has staked a claim to the portable video market, can the company duplicate its success with music in the vast wasteland of television?

AMD's future in production at Fab 36

Friday will mark the opening of Advanced Micro Devices's third chip-making factory, Fab 36. The Dresden, Germany, facility is a billion dollar gamble that AMD will be able to keep the factory humming by gaining market share from Intel Corp., but unique technology and creative financing make it a calculated risk.

Apple earnings set company records, but revenue off

Apple Computer's fourth quarter of 2005 was the best operating period in the company's history, according to Apple, but financial analysts were expecting even more from the company in yesterday's earnings release.

Intel unwraps dual-core Xeon server processors

Intel's first dual-core Xeon server processor is around 50 percent more powerful than its single-core predecessor, but it will cost around 40 percent more than that chip, company executives said Monday.

IBM, Mercury team up on Cell-based blade server

IBM and Mercury Computer Systems plan to ship a blade server using the multicore Cell processor designed exclusively for IBM's BladeCenter rack system, the companies announced Thursday.

ARM unveils new Cortex chip core for mobile devices

Processor designer Arm's latest core design, the Cortex A8 processor, could be the core that allows ARM and its partners to expand their products beyond mobile phones and into the future digital home, company executives said Tuesday.

Intel's Xeon ready to enter dual-core era

Ahead of its original plan but still months after the competition, Intel appears ready to launch its dual-core Xeon processors on Oct. 10, according to e-mail invitations sent to journalists by Intel and Hewlett-Packard.

Google and NASA plan R&D partnership

Google and the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) signed a wide-ranging agreement Wednesday to collaborate on future research projects aimed at pooling the computing knowledge of both organizations.

RIM agrees to use Intel's Hermon mobile chip

Research in Motion (RIM) has agreed to use Intel's mobile processor, code-named Hermon, in its lineup of BlackBerry devices, the companies announced Tuesday at the CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment conference.

Zander recalls 'tearful' first days at Motorola

It was Jan. 5, 2004, Ed Zander's first day at Motorola. The company was plagued by quality issues, financial confusion, and slippery launch dates. Plus, it was well below zero degrees Fahrenheit in Schaumburg, Illinois, a long way from the mild Silicon Valley climate where Zander had spent the last several years.