Stories by Helen Han and Sandra Rossi

Lease manager upgrades to single platform

After scouring the market for three years to find a suitable supplier of lease management systems, Macquarie Capital (MC), a division of Macquarie Bank, is finally moving to a single software platform.

E-commerce project slashes PC maker's costs

Since developing a B2B e-commerce system to take the 'build to configure' process online three years ago, PC maker Acer has reduced transaction processing costs for a single PC from $65 to $15 per order.

Council cuts off its legacy

Whitehorse City Council has retired an "unacceptably" old legacy-based system for payroll and HR to manage and streamline its business processes.

Today's CIO becoming an extinct species

In a warning that gets straight to the point, Gartner claims CIOs who don't adapt to continuing budgetary and performance pressures risk losing their jobs.

Users uncertain in wake of PeopleSoft, JDE merger

PeopleSoft's acquisition of JD Edwards has created a climate of uncertainty for Australian users who feel they have been left in the lurch with no product roadmap for the future of their IT investments.

IT too important to leave to geeks

A company's IT is too important to leave to geeks but the truth is many business executives lack the technical savvy required to make IT a strategic weapon.

IBM takes global initiative on privacy

IBM has launched a number of global privacy and data protection initiatives for enterprise customers, which will reach Australian shores in early 2002.