Stories by ComputerWorld Today staff

Governments plan Y2K good Samaritan legislation

The Australian federal government announced yesterday it will introduce Y2K good Samaritan legislation, early in the next parliamentary sitting, to provide limited liability for Y2K disclosure statements made in good faith.

ASIC pilots electronic registration

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) yesterday started piloting a system of electronic registration of Australian companies over the Internet.

Telstra offloads PC asset base

Telstra has sold the lion's share of its personal computer asset base to IBM Australia Credit for $100 million.
Facilitated by the IBM Australia Credit PC Fleetlease Plan, the deal covers the sale and leaseback of the telco's administration desktop PCs and notebooks. Telstra expects the move will result in an 80 per cent reduction in administrative costs associated with the accounting and management of the equipment, as well as giving line management more financial responsibility for IT assets.

NEWS FLASH: Netscape to bow out of local market

Netscape's Australian operation is reportedly on the verge of closure. According to industry reports, the Internet software vendor will shut down its Melbourne office and run its Australian business from Singapore.

Melbourne company scores NZ power company win

United Customer Management Solutions (UCMS), a Victorian call centre business, has scored a multimillion dollar contract to handle all telephone customer enquiries for First Electric, a New Zealand electricity provider.

E-Ticketing for Australian businesses

Australian business travel agent, SBT Business Travel Solutions has designed and delivered an online reservations system allowing local business travelers to make full ticketing transactions via the Internet.

Expert Group urges equal treatment for electronic information

Information in electronic form should not be denied legal effect because of its electronic format; an electronic data message should have the same legal power as any document in writing; and appropriate electronic identification should be equivalent to a signature.