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5 minutes a week to advance your career

The New Year is always a good time to reflect on your career: where you've been, where you're heading, and where you'd like to go. It's also the traditional time for people like me -- industry analysts, pundits and consultants -- to tell you what hot skills you'll need to develop to advance your career in the next year. Of course, if developing your career were really that simple, every reader would be the CEO of a company by now.

Paul Glen: Congratulations, you're your own skills manager

This year's Computerworld reader survey on careers topics indicates that we in IT have turned a corner. And, overall, the new direction is good. With nearly two-thirds of the respondents reporting that they paid for training out of their own pockets, we see that IT has accepted, at least to some degree, the new nature of employment relationships.

For geeks, avoiding blame is a silent career killer

There's a silent killer attacking the careers of technical people. It runs rampant through organizations, destroying the future job prospects of even the most talented geeks. They end up sidelined, passed over for promotions or laid off. Sadly, this killer can lead us to engage in some self-destructive, dysfunctional behaviors.