Stories by Merri Mack

Postgraduates stand out from the crowd

Just how useful are postgraduate degrees in the IT industry? To help find out, Merri Mack canvasses opinions of postgraduates, students and industry spokespeople about what degrees are relevant and how they are valued in the industry.

Ecrix debuts tape storage line

Ecrix introduced a tape drive technology, which saves data in packets instead of a constant stream, in Sydney yesterday.

Macquarie Corp launches data network

Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications launched its carrier-grade data network and data network solutions for the Australian marketplace yesterday.

Sydney Water ready for Y2K

There will be no need to hoard water when Sydney ushers in the millennium just in case Sydney Water is not Y2K compliant.

Tradehub aims e-commerce at SMEs

Australian Business On-Line (ABOL) is making sure its 4000 members will be able to take advantage of online trading using Tradehub.