Stories by Peter de Jager

Re-evaluating your replacement strategy

When do you upgrade your technology? Regardless of the type of technology you’re using, from $10 hammers to multimillion dollar CRM systems, that’s an important question.

Opinion: Prepare yourself for ethical dilemmas

Here's a quick scenario. You've advertised a vacant position in your department and have received several hundred resumés -- a dozen of which are excellent. You've decided one of them will become your next employee. Just before you call the lucky candidate, however, your boss comes into your office and hands you her niece's resumé. She makes it clear she'd like her to have the job. However, the niece is not as qualified as the candidate you were going to call. What do you do?

Managers need to get involved

If you work for a living, then part of what you do is solve problems. These problems might consist of people or things; they might range from office politics, to printers that refuse to print and LANS that just won’t LAN. In any case you get paid to fix them.

Opinion: Meetings can be a good thing

How does a manager improve staff productivity? Or increase the amount of staff training under reduced budgets? Or instill team spirit, or at least entice staff to work together more effectively and perhaps, if we're lucky, enjoy the act of mutual cooperation?