Stories by Chuck Martin

Shorting the organization

There's a conflict between the perceived timeframes in which managers work and the timeframes in which organizations work.

The birth of the selfless manager

The extreme, personal ambition of the late 90s has dropped significantly as business people reevaluate what's important. Triggered by the events of Sept. 11, two years of harsh economic forces in business as well as family pressures, executives and managers are re-calibrating the intensity of their drive.

Self-preservation vs. the bad news

A large company for which I once worked had a very intelligent and dynamic chief executive who was charged with turning around a staid organization in a relatively short period of time.

Feature: Ten steps to employee loyalty

Employee loyalty just isn't what it used to be. The days of one employee working for one company for an entire career and ultimately retiring from that company, with pride and pension, are, to a great degree, going away.

Feature: Personal networking

It seems a day doesn't go by without some corporate announcement of layoffs or job eliminations, with no optimistic projections for the return of those positions for the foreseeable future.