Stories by Jim Dalrymple

Safari breaks single day download record for Apple

First introduced during Steve Jobs Macworld keynote yesterday, Apple Computer Inc.'s new Web browser, Safari, broke the single day download record previously held by iTunes, according to Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

Apple to release Rendezvous as open source

Apple Computer will release the source code for Rendezvous to the open source community in early September, the company said in an interview Thursday. Rendezvous is Apple's implementation of the ZeroConf standard documented by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the group responsible for defining Internet standards.

Apple releases free FireWire SDK

Apple Computer on Wednesday made available the FireWire Reference Platform 1.0, a Software Development Kit (SDK) for embedded use in FireWire devices. The development kit is not OS specific, so developers on a variety of operating systems can use it.

Sun releases OpenOffice to developers

Sun Microsystems today released a developer version of OpenOffice for Mac OS X at Apple Computer's Worldwide Developers Conference. OpenOffice provides users with a near-identical software package to Microsoft's Office suite, featuring word processor, spreadsheet and presentation programs.

Apple online store offers new bundles

Apple Computer Inc.'s online store has been updated today with a host of new bundle offerings. The new bundles have something for the gamer, photographer and traveler.

Macromedia's Photoshop patent lawsuit clarified

Last Saturday, AP reported that Macromedia Inc. claimed to own the patent to Adobe Systems Inc.'s image editing program Photoshop and their Web authoring program, GoLive. Although Macromedia has filed a lawsuit against Adobe, they do not claim to own the patent to Photoshop and GoLive -- only to certain functions and features.