Stories by Lee Copeland

SAS Adds Support for Wireless Devices

Data warehouse vendor SAS Institute Inc. last week added support for wireless-access devices, a capability that users said could be useful to mobile workers if security concerns are overcome.

SAS Plans to Go Public

After years of reticence, data warehouse vendor SAS Institute Inc. announced plans at its annual user conference in Indianapolis earlier this week to pursue an initial public offering sometime next year.

GM Lures Consumers With OnStar Service

Conventional wisdom is that automatic transmissions and all-wheel drive are what turn tire kickers into car buyers. But now General Motors Corp. is luring consumers with in-car Internet and cellular services, hoping to spruce up the staid image of its brands and to recharge sales.

91 percent of software auctioned online is pirated

More than nine out of ten software applications being sold through major online auctions sites such as eBay and Yahoo are counterfeit, according to a new report issued yesterday by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA).

SAS Institute Adds Wireless Device Support

SAS Institute Inc., a maker of decision-support and data warehousing software, announced added support for wireless devices at the company's annual user group conference here this week.

App Integration Market Experiences Stock Slump

Application integration vendors last month watched helplessly as a kind of March madness hit their once-soaring stocks. On a tear for the past several months, the stocks took a beating as part of a broader correction in the technology sector that hit integration vendors hard, according to analysts.

GM to Offer Web, Cell Services By Year's End

The Detroit-based automaker said it will offer a Communiport Infotainment PC system developed by Delphi Automotive Systems Corp. in Troy, Michigan, to new Cadillac owners by the end of this year.

Firms Test App Components via Web

Amid the rush to quickly develop and deploy applications for the Web, vendors that sell application components are also offering testing services to detect structural design flaws in applications minted from prebuilt components.

Microsoft Offers Free Components Via Web

Finding components to quickly build an application developed in Visual Basic may now be a bit easier with Microsoft Corp.'s launch last week of a Web-based code service.

ECNs: Fragmented Markets

To increase liquidity in the after-hours markets, many of the major ECNs have agreed to share quotations.

After-Hours Trading

The New York Stock Exchange Inc. (NYSE), Nasdaq Stock Market Inc. and American Stock Exchange Inc. (AMEX) are the indisputable leaders of the U.S. stock market.

Vendors Wrestle for App Integration Market

With the application integration market expected to grow year over year, it's no surprise that IBM Corp. plans to beef up the rules engine in its MQSeries Integrator business integration tool and lessen its dependence on components from New Era of Networks Inc. (NEON).

Packet-Switched vs.Circuit-Switched Networks

Circuit-switched networks and packet-switched networks have traditionally occupied different spaces within corporations. Circuit-switched networks were used for phone calls and packet-switched networks handled data. But because of the reach of phone lines and the efficiency and low cost of data networks, the two technologies have shared chores for years.

Equity Exchanges Cement Startup Relationships

Forget about cash; equity rules the Internet economy. But it's not only cash-strapped startups that are looking for stock deals to finance e-commerce efforts or to cement partnerships.