Stories by Gregg Keizer

Was that a Vista fix released on Patch Tuesday?

Users can chalk up a critical vulnerability -- now patched -- in Windows Vista, a Microsoft security manager said Wednesday. Though if people want to get picky, the fix for the company's malware scanning engine isn't really for a flaw in the operating system's core code. And therein lies a debate.

Sun patches Telnet zero-day pronto

Sun Microsystems Tuesday patched a critical bug that could let attackers snatch control of Solaris 10 systems by sending simple commands to the Telnet daemon.

Microsoft fixes 20 flaws, patches full security line-up

Microsoft Tuesday unveiled a dozen security updates that patched 20 vulnerabilities, including one found in every security product of its consumer and enterprise lines, including software either bundled with or able to run on the new Windows Vista operating system.

'Storm Trojan' ignites worm war

The Trojan horse that pumped up spam volumes in January is at it again, researchers said today, and is now spreading over instant messaging and engaging in attacks on rival malware.

Microsoft makes a U-turn, keeps Hotmail name

In an about-face, Microsoft Thursday said it will keep the Hotmail name for its Web-based e-mail service, even though it has touted a new moniker, Windows Live Mail, for months.

Warner chief calls Jobs' DRM fight 'without logic'

Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Thursday rejected in no uncertain terms Apple CEO Steve Jobs' suggestion last week that the major music label companies should abandon digital tunes copy protection.

Mozilla updates Firefox 3.0 preview

Mozilla Tuesday released the second alpha version of what will become its Firefox 3.0 Web browser. The release is the latest milestone in a plan to put the open-source browser in users' hands during the second half of the year.

Trend Micro patches antivirus scanner

The antivirus scanning engine used in virtually every Trend Micro product is plagued by a critical flaw that can be used by attackers to take down or hijack PCs, several security organizations said today. A patch has been issued by Trend Micro to plug the hole.

PC Repair Undercover

Over half the repairs in our investigation were botched or overpriced. Here's how to protect yourself when your computer goes to the shop.

Travel Web Sites: Just the Ticket

The plane was going down. I was sure of it. As the 737 made its approach to storm-lashed San Francisco, a brutal gust of wind lifted one wing and yanked down the other. Luggage lurched in the overhead compartment while passengers gripped their handrests. Even the off-duty airline pilot next to me grew wild-eyed. And all I could think was, What moron booked this flight?