Stories by Aaron Pressman

No green light for tying apps into Windows XP

When four state attorneys general who led the legal fight against Microsoft Corp. gathered last week to talk to reporters, there was at least one message that they wanted heard loud and clear in Redmond, Washington: We're watching you.

FTC Approves AOL-Time Warner Merger

The Federal Trade Commission approved America Online Inc.'s merger with Time (TWX) Warner Inc. on Thursday, after the companies agreed to concessions designed to protect competition in the small but growing markets for high-speed Internet service and interactive television.

ICANN: 7 Out of 44 Ain't Bad

The shortage of desirable dot-com domain names may soon come to an end, thanks to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' (ICANN's) selection Thursday of seven new top-level domains that allow individuals and businesses to create new online addresses.

Two Outspoken Critics Elected to ICANN Board

The next directors' meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - the organization that oversees the Net's domain-name system - promises to be a rowdy affair. In a global online vote that ended last night, two of the most radical candidates were elected to its board.

Opponents Gang Up On AOL, Time Warner

The Federal Communications Commission held an unusual public hearing Thursday to consider the proposed merger of America Online Inc. (AOL) and Time Warner Inc. (TWX) , giving opponents of the deal a chance to make their case in public while executives of the two companies played defense.

NBC Piles On Against AOL Merger

The battle of the network giants escalated today as television and Internet powerhouse NBC threw its support behind efforts by Walt Disney Co. and others to bury the America Online Inc. -Time Warner Inc. merger under a pile of regulatory mandates.

Senate Group All Hung Up on Foreign Telcos

In a secretive move to prevent foreign telecom carriers from acquiring their U.S. competitors, the Senate Appropriations Committee amended a budget bill earlier this week that would block the U.S. Federal Communications Commission from approving such mergers.

New Top-Level Domains in Sight

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) agreed Sunday to move forward with a plan to add a few new top-level Internet domains by early next year, while sidestepping a nasty controversy that erupted over a plan to shrink the group's board of directors.

Online Exchanges Examine Options

When leading steel companies set out in 1996 to create an industrywide online exchange, one of their first moves was to engage antitrust counsel to advise on the plan.

ICANN Election Rules Set

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN (07/17/2000) - Setting up a unique exercise in international
cyber-democracy, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) on Sunday put the finishing touches on rules allowing for the direct
election of five members to its board of directors by tens of thousands of
Internet users around the world.

GAO Clears ICANN's Legal Underbrush

A report issued Friday by the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) found the Clinton administration's conduct legal and proper while it was establishing private control of the Internet's domain-name system.

FCC to Examine Cable Broadband

U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman William Kennard said Friday that his agency will take a formal look at the high-speed cable Internet access market in a move to eliminate uncertainty caused by an appeals court ruling last week.

AOL Will Offer IM-Sharing Plan

America Online Inc. (AOL) will offer an architectural plan on Thursday that would allow instant-messaging systems from competing services to interconnect with AOL's proprietary service, as the online giant moves to head off criticism that has drawn the attention of antitrust regulators reviewing its merger with Time Warner (TWX) .

SBC Plays Hardball With DSL Providers

In response to the frustratingly slow rollout of high-speed Internet access, SBC Communications has laid out a $6 billion plan called "Project Pronto" that would bring digital-subscriber-line service to its 77 million customers.