Stories by Michael Cohn

Happy at Work? Take this Test, and You Could Be

Long hours? Unbearable pressure? Is your job eating you alive? Then you must be an idiot for staying, because there's an incredible labor shortage out there and high-tech skills are in demand. Employers are desperate. Openings abound. Corporate America wants you! If you can hang a tape or move a mouse, there's a six-figure salary just around the corner.

The Greatest of Unheralded Tech Inventions

Thank goodness it's a new century. I was rather rapidly getting sick of the last one. Sick of all the talk about the greatest athlete of the 20th century. The greatest moment. The greatest invention.

Guest column: On Webaholism and other high-tech addictions

We did it to ourselves. With our fancy cell phones, pagers, e-mail and Web sites, we have ruined what's left of our sorry lives.
We are a nation of workaholics. We are constantly wired in, working 24/7, unable to escape the lure of technology and the somewhat lousy paycheck that goes with it. We can't even enjoy a weekend. A movie. A marriage.

Guest column: Y2K stories we'd really like to see

If you read the headlines, Y2K sounds like no big deal. We've got the whole thing covered -- it won't cause any more mess than a typical rush hour. But take my advice: read more than just the headlines. Read the fine print.