Stories by Stuart Corner

ANZ deploys Azure Stack to keep processing in-house

ANZ, the first — and so far only — named Australian customer for Azure Stack, Microsoft’s recently released on-premises version of its Azure public cloud service, is using the system to avoid having to move masses of data for a new application into the public cloud.

What cyber insurers look for

When he assesses a potential client for cyber risk insurance, Fergus Brooks, national practice leader of cyber risk at Aon, says he is much more interested in their operational approach to cyber threats than in their cyber threat protection technology.

OVH goes after Aussie SMBs’ cloud business with VMware HCX

France-headquartered global cloud service provider OVH is hoping to leverage VMware’s recently announced HCX software defined networking technology to exploit what it sees as a huge market among Australian SMBs wanting to move their in-house IT to the cloud.

It’s AI versus AI in the cybercrime arms race

Security experts are warning that the rising use of artificial intelligence by criminals will reduce both the time taken to breach a system and the interval between breach and exfiltration of sensitive data, and increase the effectiveness of phishing exercises by enabling the crafting of more personalised messages.

Coming to NZ – the B.One smart home hub

An Australian company that has the Australian and New Zealand rights to what is claimed to be revolutionary smart home controller, the B.One Hub, is close to bringing the device to market in New Zealand.

Application specific networks now a reality, says NetFoundry

What if you could set up, on demand, a global network with the bandwidth, latency, security and routing that your applications require, just as easily as you can today provision the storage and processing power in the cloud that applications require?

Cyber Threat Alliance says it’s good to share

The Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) formed earlier this year by Fortinet, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks and Symantec is taking cyber threat information sharing to a new level that it hopes will lead to all its members offering better protection against cyber threats.

NZ Health Ministry to use social media to predict epidemics

New Zealand’s health minister, Jonathan Coleman, has launched a project that will seek to establish if tracking trends on social media and using ‘unconventional data’ can help predict outbreaks and further improve responses to epidemics.

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