Stories by Vishesh Kumar

Oracle teases, Greenspan pleases

The incremental rise the Nasdaq posted Tuesday proved to be a test run for a solid Wednesday rally led by software maker Oracle and chip behemoth Intel. The Dow Jones Industrial Average followed suit, posting a modest gain after a slow start.

It just keeps getting worse

The tech-heavy Nasdaq fell 6.17 percent and the Dow dropped 2.99 percent Tuesday after a slew of profit warnings and concerns that first-quarter earnings reports will be bad. Though the markets edged off the day's lows by closing time, investors had little reason to be optimistic.

Late market movers: Bear lets Dow escape

Despite a near triple-digit loss, blue-chip investors probably felt thankful at the session close Thursday. After plunging almost 400 points and into bear territory - defined as a 20 percent fall from the recent high - the Dow Jones Industrial Average staged a modestly impressive run-up at the end of trading that made up for much of the day's losses. An even steeper late-day rally put the Nasdaq, which had been teetering in the red most of the day, squarely in the black.

Market movers: Techs bounce back

After Monday's incredible sell-off, many investors were expecting a rally during Tuesday's session. They got one. The Nasdaq bounced back hard during trading Tuesday, crossing 2000 and ignoring bad news from a number of big players. It seems that investors are overlooking technology woes and think some shares are at bargain prices, despite the lack of fundamentals in the market.

Venture buzz: The biggest fund ever

The public markets remain tumultuous, but private equity keeps building up in hopes of better days. Boston's Thomas H. Lee Partners, a buyout specialist, announced a massive US$6.1 billion private equity fund, the largest in history. The company, which has some $12 billion under management, has been involved in transactions ranging from Fisher Scientific to Snapple.