Stories by Bob Metcalfe

Metcalfe's column: No need to waltz around scheduling

You could just trust me. You could stop reading and go try some new scheduling software now available at
Or, you could read on about why TimeDance will probably start another Web epidemic, and then try it.

Metcalfe's Column: Gullible Balkans abandon growing Internet bubble

Here are some Memorial Day tidbits: A correction on gullibility. How to make a hip online donation to the Balkans. Another big reason for electronic-commerce abandonment. Why Internet growth may not be slowing after all. An update on when the Net stock bubble will burst. And a new genre of atom jokes.

Metcalfe's column: Understand Net epidemiology to 'monetise' the Web

Joseph Vardi's chuckle is catching, and that's not all.
We're poolside at PC Forum ( in Scottsdale, Arizona, discussing how to get returns on our Internet investments. Vardi is intellectualising with me about 'viral marketing', of which he is surely the world champion.

Metcalfe's column : Finding the best deals on the 'Net

This week I've got a great brain-teasing puzzle for you. It's famous on the Internet as the Monty Hall Paradox. Anyway, I get to be Monty Hall and offer you a choice of three doors, behind which are two goats and a car, respectively.